Andy ('And') Hill was born and grew up in Brighton and has spent most of his life living within 25 miles of the city. After graduating in graphic design at Exeter College of Art & Design in 1987, he worked initially as an illustrator in London. A love of nature, however, soon led him to move to the Sussex countryside, where he continues to live and paint today.

Painting has always been a passion for Andy and a means of engaging with the world and spiritual life. It has taken him on a path of unfolding, creative discoveries, from meticulous representation to joyful abstraction and involving the use of a wide variety of techniques and materials, both traditional and innovative, along the way.

Finding a means of expression that is vibrant, gutsy and true is an ongoing preoccupation. He seeks to say as much through the physical substance of the work, as in it’s use as a pictorial space. Against a ubiquity of slick and virtual imagery, Andy values the tactile and real. He believes in the power of paint to speak to us before we know how or why.

Whilst the creative process may to some extent be mysterious, Andy hopes that whatever is meaningful in his work can be instantly felt. “I try to paint humbly in accordance with the present-moment imperatives of within”, he says, “informed by observation and experience, yet guided by a sensual awareness of where it’s at."